The Thriller House

One of the most iconic music videos of all-time would have to be 1983’s Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. I was obsessed with this video growing up (especially “tar-mouth” at 8:14)


Well, the house is located down in Angelino Heights over on Carroll Avenue, also known as the Haunted House District of L.A. It is a hot spot for filming locations due to it’s beautiful Queen Ann/Victorian styled homes.


The home still looks completely dilapidated, as if a strong wind or maybe strong persistence from zombie dancers could blow it down. The house was also used as the residence of Finn (aka Reynaldo Rosales) in the Season 4 episode of Charmed’s “Size Matters” episode. The Charmed house is just two houses down from here as well!

The “Thriller” video ends with former Playboy centerfold, Ola Ray, seeking refuge from the zombies so she runs into this decrepit old house…tisk, tisk, tisk


Check it out: 1345 Carroll Ave, Los Angeles

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