Setting a Table on a Budget

With spring in the air we are testing out our Susie Homemaker skills by creating and tablescaping our dining room table with some spring appeal. Here are a few of my favorite ways to set a beautiful table without breaking the bank!c600x530.jpg

We are starting with the first layer, the table cloth. Think spring, bright, fun, and festive. This is the time of year to incorporate a little bit of sophistication with luxurious and vibrant fabrics. It doesn’t have to be a true table cloth, even a fun toile works wonderfully! You can easily buy fabric by the yard to avoid a hefty price tag!

Themed vases are a fantastic way to bring in some layers and some greenery. You can bring in a few simple glass vases or even reclaimed wood logs that have the centers hollowed out can make a wonderful holder for branches and flowers. If you are on a tighter budget, head to your kitchen and pull out your favorite pitchers, cake stands, bottles, or really anything that can hold a pretty little element on your table.

When setting up the greenery, bring in blossoms and branches from your own backyard! You do not need to spend a fortune on a floral arrangement to make the table look put together. Use different shades of pinks and greens on your nature element. You can even bring in fresh produce like granny smith apples to have another layer of springy delight!

When setting up your table don’t be afraid to play with different heights. Different sizes will help to allow your guests eyes to travel up and will be more visually appealing. You can even use your dessert as the center piece by placing it on a gorgeous pedestal, which you can make by buying a candlestick and plate from the dollar store and hot glueing the plate to the candlestick. Voila! A $2 cake plate that will have your guests in ah!

Gold is your friend this season. Layering in the richness of gold will give a bit of luxury to your setting, making your table just a little bit more classy!

Print or decorate your own place cards. It may sound a bit restrictive or formal but they actually help to avoid that moment whereas a guest you have no idea where to sit.

Place votives in little glass candle holders around the table to add a bit of ambience. You can swing by your local dollar store to grab these items!

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