Let’s Paint!

You just headed over to the flea market and found this amazing piece of furniture, yet sadly it is the wrong color for your decor. Now some finishes are not ideal to paint, however I am not afraid of a challenge! As long as you have a good primer, you should be good to go! So let’s see how to paint your new piece of furniture!IMG_3115

First off, sand your piece. If the piece has holes that need to be filled, fill those first before sanding. Laminate is a shiny finish that makes it durable and scratch resistant which is great in theory, but when you are trying to paint it, it doesn’t want to be your friend. You want to take your sandpaper and make your piece rather scratchy and a good texture to absorb the primer.

Next, when you are all sanded – wipe down the piece with a damp cloth to clean it up a bit.

After all of the dust has been removed, wipe it down again with a dry cloth.

Now it’s time to prime. Sherwin Williams multi-purpose latex primer in aerosol form is a great primer.

If you don’t want to use the aerosol can, than you can always use the good ol’ fashioned paint.

Apply 1 to 2 coats of primer and let the coats dry for about an hour in between painting.

Once you are all done priming, give the piece a light sanding and wipe down any dust.
IMG_4462Now for the fun color! I am a big fan of spray paint and so I used more spray paint as the color. I gave the piece two coats of paint and allowed the first coat to dry overnight.  I wanted a little bit of an aged look, so once everything was all dry, I gave it a good distressing and there you have it! A new piece that is uniquely yours!

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