Last-Minute Holiday Ideas

You have purchased the eggnog, the stockings are hung and your home is looking pretty good, even if you do say so yourself. Yet there is just one thing left to do..presents are still not wrapped-and you forgot about eight people on your christmas shopping list! But hey, who’s counting? So in order to help get things all squared away, we are checking out some last minute holiday personalization packaging  ideas and easy gifts for those of you who are also in the procrastination boat with us!

Personalized Gift Wrap:6

{Going Home to Roost}

For a quick and unique way to personalize gifts, consider black craft paper and chalk. The paper gives you a blank canvas, and you can be as simple or ornate as you like!

Start with the name of the winner of your awesome gift then make it as large or as small as you wish. Add your own touches, such as modern wool or rustic burlap ribbons, small ornaments, or fancy designs.

Gift Ideas: 

Edible Snowman Kit


{Sara Wellensiek}

What you will need:

◦Three jumbo-size marshmallows

◦Chocolate peanut butter cup for the hat

◦Mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth

◦Two pretzel sticks for the arms

◦Thick string for the scarf

◦Orange sprinkles for the nose

◦Clear plastic bag (mine is 3 by 5 inches and from the local craft store)

◦Label (optional)

◦Canvas drawstring bag (mine is 7 by 9 inches; a 5-by-7-inch bag is fine too)

◦Pencil and orange and black markers


  1. Put the ingredients for the snowman in the clear plastic bag and close the bag to keep them fresh. A nice label, with or without instructions, is an optional touch.
  2. On the drawstring bag, use a pencil to sketch out a snowman face. Fill in the design with the orange and black markers.


{Brandy Hines}

Add the recipient’s name.

Set your plastic bag inside the canvas bag for a little added bonus and there you have it! Simple and fun gift that is especially great for the little ones to help out with since it is like a little Olaf!

Happy holidays!


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