DIY: Anthropologie Tassel

The other day while doing some online clothes lusting, I stumbled across this fun wall hanging tassel. It is a dip-dyed tassel with a little bit of leather as the banding at the top. Now this little beauty will set you back almost eighty bucks and to me, it looks like something that I could try and make myself. So today I am doing the Buy or DYI challenge with this Indigo Tassel Wall Hanging.IMG_2065.JPG-1

What you will need:

  • cotton filler cord or some kind of thicker rope, got mine from Joanns
  • banding, we used copper since we didn’t want to use leather (plus it looks gorgeous)
  • white yarn
  • RIT Dye
  • bucket
  • gloves


I originally got brown ribbon to be my leather, but I wanted something with a little bit more contrast, so I went with copper wire instead

FullSizeRender.jpg-2to make the rope thicker, I cut two strands at 32″ then twisted the rope. 

Leave a little loop on one piece of the rope on each ends (for the tassel) and then tie with a rubber band. 

cut 30 pieces of white yarn at about 10″ long and then thread through the little loops at each end of the tassel.

tighten and hold the tassels into place by wrapping it with another piece of string to secure the rest of the strings.

once the tassels are secure you can replace the rubber band with another piece of string to secure the rope together. 

after securing all of your elements you can begin the dying!

I first tried timing it, by this I mean I put in a third of the rope into the RIT dye and waited ten minutes. Then I put in another third into the dye along with the first third and waited another ten minutes. Finally, I added the last bit and waited ten minutes. This made it all pretty dark. 

The second time around I used a squirt bottle and used a strong dye on a third, then diluted the dye with water and did another third, and then diluted it even more and did the last third. 


Once all of the dye was done, I placed the tassels outside to dry. 

When they were dry I brought them back in and began to wrap! I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped until satisfied. I wanted to make sure that all of the ties were hidden and the connections weren’t visible. 


Now all that is left to do is to hang it up!

bottle dyed tassel using diluted dye 


tassel using the timed dying, $3


Anthropolgies tassel, $78

What do you guys think? We personally love the DIY more than the store bought ones and all of the supplies cost only $8 and we had enough materials to make 3 tassels making them cost roughly under $3 each!


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