Candy Corn Martinis!

The other day while checking out, I was greeted by the massive bags of Brach’s Candy Corn and the candy pumpkins. I just can’t resist these bright, little, dental hygienists mortal enemies! Once these are on the shelves, the countdown to Halloween has begun! So today we are making great use out of these sugar bombs and turning them into some Skinny Candy Corn Vodka! Now the reason why it is called “skinny” is simply because we’re using the Skinnygirl vodka, but you can use any kind that you prefer! Watching the candy corn near-completely dissolve in such a short amount of time is  quite a fascinating process to see unfold. Throw the cocktail in a candy cane mason jar and give to the host of your next Halloween party! Remember though to not drink directly from the mason jar if it is painted!Candy-Corn-Martini-6



1 1/2 Cup of Skinny Vodka

1/2 Cup of Candy Corn

1 Mason Jar


Place candy corn and vodka into the mason jar

Secure and shake

Leave for 3 hours

Strain the liquid out

and you’re done! How incredibly simple is that?

Want to take it one step further? Turn your new beverage into a fancy cocktail!


2 oz of Skinny Candy Corn Vodka

1 c. crushed ice

8 oz. pineapple juice


To make the drink take a tall glass and fill with ice

Add a shot of vodka and fill up the rest of the glass with pineapple juice.

Shake and serve!

What are some of your favorite Halloween drinks? Share below!!


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