Haunted LA: The Linda Vista Hospital

Being in LA you hear a lot about The Linda Vista Hospital, an abandoned hospital down in a not so nice part of the city. It was built in 1904 as the Santa Fe Coastlines Hospital, a prospering healthcare facility dedicated to servicing employees of the Santa Fe Railroad. The hospital flourished in the beginning as did Los Angeles’ surrounding Boyle Heights neighborhood. In 1924, Santa Fe Coastlines was greatly expanded, allowing for a larger staff and increased patient intake.

I was able to stop by last week to see the revamping

In 1937, the hospital became the Linda Vista Community Hospital. However, with the Great Depression and World War II, it soon derailed the hospital’s good fortune and reputation. East LA was slowly transformed into a less affluent area, and the number of violent crimes escalated. Lowered funding at the hospital resulted in less staff to treat the influx of patients; as a consequence, the hospital’s death toll rose.

During the 1970s and ’80s, the gangs of East LA sent a steady stream of gunshot wounds and stabbings through Linda Vista’s ER doors. The neighborhood was getting worse, as was the survival rate of patients admitted.

The increase in poor and uninsured patients took its toll on the hospital, and in 1988, Linda Vista stopped accepting ambulances in their ER. The quality of care continued to decline as doctors moved to more affluent hospitals, and the Linda Vista struggled to stay afloat.

In 1991, Linda Vista had it’s last patient checked out. Most believe the hospital closed due to lack of funds, yet there are stories circulating that the hospital’s unusually high death rate was due to mistreatment and abuse.

After the close of the hospital, the building deteriorated rapidly and it seemed Linda Vista was lost to the spirits of those who died there. Thanks to the building being in LA, several movies and TV shows have used the hospital as a shoot location, such as “Outbreak,” “End of Days,” “Pearl Harbor” and the pilot for ER were shot inside Linda Vista Hospital.
Version 2
The hospital’s haunted reputation grew once cameras started rolling. Reports of unexplained phenomena, such as darting shadows, cries in the night, and unexplained voices were all experienced by the security guards and night crew from production.  There were even claims of crew members having been touched or pushed by these unseen forces. The most common spirits: a little girl lurks in the surgical room; a young woman paces the hallways of the third floor; and the spirit of an orderly still makes his daily rounds.


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