Back to Black

I love black. I love wearing black. It is my safe color. Sometimes though I fear that I have the closet of a mortician and that I need to add more color, but then I throw on a brand-new white blouse that cost an arm and a leg thinking, “today will be the day that I expand my wardrobe colors!” and then BAM! Coffee all over the front…and… back to black I go. As much as I like playing with bold and summery colors, it’s hard for me to avoid the urge to throw on my basic black pieces—even if it is 100* outside and the sun has never been hotter! Don’t fear this color in the summer! You can wear black in the summer, it is just all about how you wear the black and the material that it is done in.





Now we’re not going to throw on black sweatpants and a black leather jacket, I am talking about cute linen shorts and a flowing black tank top. Dresses are also a great way to feel feminine. They can be light and are one the best and easiest ways to wear any color from head to toe, especially in the summer. Pair them with some cute gladiator sandals or wedge espadrilles and you have a minimal and chic outfit!main.original.585x0


What are your favorite ways to wear black in the summer? Do you have a favorite color that you tend to stick to? Do you also have the terrible luck of spilling coffee on your brand new attire?


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