DIY: Watermelon Trays

Can I just say how much I love all things summer themed?? Lemon shake-ups, strawberry inspired nail art,  and watermelon serving trays. You too can get your summer fruit themed DIY-ing on with creating these adorable watermelon (or whatever fruit you prefer!) serving trays from Handimania. They are the perfect summery themed tray for your next hosting gig! So let’s get started!Watermelon-Serving-Tray-01


For your materials, you won’t need much and you can get most of these items from Michael’s and your local hardware store.

  • unfinished piece of wood in a circle, or the shape of the fruit you wish to have
  • craft paints in green, red, and black (this is for the watermelon, if you’re doing a lemon or such, chose colors accordingly)
  • shellac (to make sure your paint doesn’t chip off!)
  • paint brushes
  • 2 handles
  • drill

Now for the fun part:

Paint the entire top of your wood piece with the red paint. Since we want this to be a rich color, you might need to add a couple of coats to make the color vibrant.

Paint about small rim of green all the way around the outer ring of the watermelon. Also paint the edge and bottom of the wood in green, we want the whole tray to look like a watermelon!

Use a  smaller tipped brush to paint on your seeds.

Once the paint has fully dried, make sure the tray is free of any dust and then apply your shellac to the entire tray, not just the top.

Now add your handles to the edges of your watermelon and voila! You have a cute, summery tray to serve your next cocktails on for the afternoon cook-out!


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