A Baguette Vending Machine

Heaven is real, and it’s now in vending machine form.

D.A.B. = Distributeur Automatique de Baguettes. A machine that sells fresh baguettes. Yes, that’s right, FRESH baguettes. It is called a Pani Vending, and the award-winning inventor, Jean-Louis Hecht, a baker, is getting a lot of press. This new gift to the world has even been adopted by local bakers who use it to supplement their daily needs!

Now don’t be scared of the idea of it being, well, a vending machine product, the Pani Vending makes fantastic bread. The baguettes are partially pre-cooked, and so after you put in your 1 Euro in the machine, the baking is completed in a few minutes and voila! Out comes a fresh, fragrant, crispy baguette any time of the day! Perfect for lunch, or dinner or second dinner.

If you are staying in Paris’ 15th arrondissement, grab a baguette and don’t forget your carrying case!



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