MAD: The Marie Antoinette Diet

With 50 different queens to choose from, it is always interesting to me that there only seems to be one queen of France that everyone remembers. Then again, who would want to dress up as Jeanne de Bourbon for Halloween?


poor jeanne

And of course the most notorious words of wisdom ever spoken from an Austrian-French queen, “Let them eat cake” leads me into the Marie Antoinette Diet.Marie_Antoinette_Young5

In Karen Wheeler’s book, The Marie Antoinette Diet: Eat Cake and Still Lose Weight, Wheeler claims the famous queen enjoyed a delightful pastry with her coffee (or hot chocolate) for breakfast, devoured royal cuisines such as oysters, pate, foie grois, etc, and then grazed on cheeses, creamed vegetables, and pastries (washed down with a “river of champagne”) throughout the day. Where do I sign up to be queen?! The-Marie-Antoinette-cake-diet-daily-plan-and-wonder-soup-recipe

Despite her tapeworm like condition, Marie was apparently small enough (she had a 23 inch waist) to wear her formal gowns without the additional help of the fashionable whalebone corsets.

I am sure that the smell of Versailles and it’s lack of plumbing would have made a fantastic appetite suppressant, while the fact that she would have to do EVERYTHING in the eye of others would have also kept one’s self in check. So what would this queen eat for dinner when her crystalized fruit and cheeses were done? Broth and vegetables according to Wheeler. It is believed that her light evening meals were the main culprit when it came to the queens overall size.

SO if you want to rock a body of a queen, then it’s simple:

  •  indulge in sweets for breakfast
  • indulge in cheese, fois grois, and oysters for lunch
  • eat soup for dinner
  • enjoy the surely successful results



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