Sending Cookies in Style

Holidays are hard. Especially when you’re 3,000 miles from home, sitting in 80* weather, trying to cut out snowflakes (and failing) and listening to Christmas music four weeks early.  A big tradition in our families were to make Christmas cookies and then basically consume the batch of dough while working on them and ending up with about 7 complete cookies. Don’t judge, I know you do it too. So, in order to get into the holiday spirit and to have motivation to get these cookies to the finish line, here is a quick and fun way to mail off those minty chocolate chip cookies and gingerdead men to your loved ones back home!

What you’ll need:

a cookie sized mailing tube, or 3 or 4 (think Pringles can) The red ones are the best ones to help with that perfect candy cane look. 

colored adhesive paper or festive stickers

the funness:

1) cut the strips of adhesive paper in different widths

2)adhere the strips of adhesive paper around the tubes

3)now place your cookies inside! the sturdier, the better. Gently wrap some decorative tissue paper around them and slip them into the tube!

4)mail off to your loved ones and feel good about yourself for letting some of the dough get baked!


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