Psychos, pastries and picnics

The Hollywood Bowl. The most magical place in all of LA. Well, mostly. It is a place where you can go and sit outside, obstructed from the chaos of Hollywood that is just feet from whatever performance you are enjoying that evening. Whether it is Linkin Park or Tchaikovsky, this clam shell style dome is a dream to LA residence.

Last weekend they were having their “Big Picture” event and this year it featured Hitchcock. It was an incredible tribute to the classic films of Alfred Hitchcock.

Mesmerizing, haunting and psychologically gripping scores by Bernard Herrmann (Vertigo, North by Northwest), Dimitri Tiomkin (Strangers on a TrainDial M for Murder) and more were be played live while spellbinding scenes were projected on the Bowl’s big screen. Yes, that was the Bowl’s descriptive take.

Joanna and I knew that we needed to create something fun for this once in a lifetime event and so we decided, what better way to take in Hitchcock, than to TAKE IN Hitchcock through his film Psycho. IMG_4292.JPG

We found this adorable (?) little,bloody, edible butcher knives that were going to be perfect for our blood splattered cookies to put in our picnic basket alongside the chardonnay and aged goat cheese.



Now you can’t go to a Hitchcock event in your biking shorts and your over-sized LA Gear shirt, no matter how well that fanny pack ties everything together, you need to dress up if you can! I decided the easiest thing would be to go as Tippi Hedren in The Birds.

IMG_4285.JPGA quick stop to the Goodwill ($11), a pop into the dollar store for fake blood ($1), and swing over to Michael’s(birds $8 ea) and I was good to go-just add in that french twist.

I thought for sure that there would be other people dressed up, I mean it is Hollywood after-all, but no! It was still a blast though having random people stop to get their photo with me. After my years of summer camp, I never learned that THIS was how you made friends.



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