Let Me Off at the Top! A Night with Ron Burgundy

Hollywood has some pretty fun events that occur. I love checking out Barnes and Nobles’ book signings that seem to happen on almost a daily basis. Whether it’s Mike Tyson or Stevie Nicks, for some reason they all flock here to let the “less fortunate” ones spend their money and wait in hour-long lines to get a glimpse and autograph from the celebrity of the day. I was  one of those “less fortunate”.


On this dark and drizzly evening, Mr. Will Ferrell adorned himself in his notorious Rob Burgundy attire and greeted his massive swarm of fans in the best Burgundyesque fashion. Police escort. Limo in the ‘mall’. Front door service. Green pleather jacket. This was going to be golden I could tell.


Now for this event, you get a wrist band. Basically, you go to BnN, buy your book and get a wristband, giving you the satisfaction that you are going to be assured an autograph. For those that weren’t able to grab a band (which sold out in less than an hour after the doors opened at 9AM), you had to wait in line. A line that did not guarantee anything, except for a cold the next day, because you’re now sadly sitting on the ground for four hours in the rain (when does it rain in LA?!) waiting to maybe see some action.


Yes, I was one of those people. I waited patiently and finally when it was my turn to be corralled into the Burgundy line, I was excited to whip out my iPhone and snap a pic from the line. That was a big no-no apparently.

Cropped Photo

‘Mr. Clean’ instantly jumped in front of Burgundy, yelling at me that I was not allowed to take photos from the line. However, there were about a dozen people behind some tape on the floor that were snapping away. The same distance that I was standing at from the line. Lameness. Luckily I was able to crop out the angry security guards face and capture a more suiting photo.

Photo from the designated photo area. Really people?

Mr. Ferrell, or Burgundy, whomever it was that night, was quite affable and seemed so joyful to have so many fans show up. He was determined to get through every one of them, even if it meant no personalized signings in the books. After a brief banter of snazzy jackets, I was then offered some of his new “Scotchy Scotch Scotch” ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s. Delicious.


So if you are ever bored, have no friends, or no life and would love the opportunity to sit and wait for your own autograph, check out the events that happen at the Barnes and Nobles down at the Grove.


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