Frozen in Time: Los Feliz Murder House

Recently I have learned about one of the most interesting tales to have occurred here in LA. A home that has been left untouched since a double murder-suicide in 1959, remains still a Los Feliz mystery. Not sure if the events that occurred that night were the most interesting part or what followed, I will let you decide.  

Located at 2475 Glendower Place in Los Feliz, California lies a 1925 Spanish Revival mansion that has remained perfectly untouched for the past fifty years. Even the home furnishings have been undisturbed and looks much as it did on the fateful evening of December 6, 1959. 



And the story goes as follow: on the night of December 6, 1959, Dr. Harold Perelson, a wealthy Inglewood heart specialist, bludgeoned his wife, Lillian, to death with a ball-peen hammer and then severely beat his 18-year-old daughter, Judye, while his other two children slept soundly in their bedrooms.  Judye luckily survived the beating and ran down the hill to their neighbor’s home to call for help.  In the meantime, the two younger children woke up and asked their father about all of the screaming.  Harold told the children that they must have been having a bad dream and that they needed to go back to sleep. He then proceeded to drink a glass of acid, killing himself instantly.  Shortly thereafter, the police showed up and took all three Perelson children into custody. The house was locked up and the children were sent to live with relatives back east.  The motives behind the horrendous event was never fully determined, but most claim that Harold was under financial distress. However, this is not the creepiest part.  

About a year after the event, the Perelson’s 5,050-square-foot, mansion was purchased by Emily and Julian Enriquez in an auction.  And while the couple already lived in LA, they only visited the residence on occasion and, for reasons unknown, they never moved into the home and never moved the Perelson’s belongings out! 

To this day, the mansion remains pretty much in the exact same state as it was on the night of December 6, 1959.  Not only is the Perelson’s furniture still as it was on that evening, but even their Christmas gifts remain sitting on the kitchen table, almost as if someone was interrupted mid-wrap while the Christmas tree waits for the undeliverable presents in the living room. So while the dust was piling up in the Perelson’s time capsule inside, the world continued to spin outside. Emily and Julian passed away and their son inherited the property in 1994. And the home still stands, exactly as it did that very night.



There have been numerous buyers that have been wanting to purchase the home, but for whatever reason, he declines them all.


The estate boasts four master bedrooms, three bathrooms, a conservatory, maid’s quarters, a 20-foot by 36-foot ballroom, sweeping views of Los Angeles, and sits on over half an acre of land.  Since nothing has been touched for over fifty years, the house has fallen into severe disrepair. Neighbors have actually helped out, by maintaining the laws and installing an alarm system, but other than that the house remains frozen in time. 

Now to make it even MORE interesting,  Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis house, is located directly behind the Perelson mansion. This was the same house that was used in the original House on Haunted Hill with Mister Vincent Price (which came out in 1959 as well!)



you can see the Ennis House in the back right : via 


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