Musso & Frank

Musso and Frank Grill proudly boasts itself as “the oldest restaurant in Hollywood”. How old is it you ask? Well their doors first opened in 1919 and they have had almost every Hollywood starlet through it’s doors.


Even though almost every movie star, dating all the way back to the silent era, has come to grab a bite to eat here, it is neither the famous visitors nor the Italian style cuisine that has fascinated literate locals for decades.

For years, writers have been lured into this haunt. Authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, John O’Shea, Dorothy Parker, Dashiel Hammet, Ernest Hemingway, and Nathanial West are a few of the  patrons to the Hollywood grill.


Frank Sinatra and Lauren Bacall at the Grill


Supposedly there is a hidden back room that is allegedly filled with spirits lingering from the days when it served as an illegal speakeasy, but don’t worry, there are still lots of famous ghosts that hang out with the common people at the bar.


Even in the afterlife, Hollywood’s elite do not stray from their norm of hanging out with fellow high-rolling specters. 20131126-232620.jpgAccording to Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles (G.H.O.U.L.A.) “The spirits of Errol Flynn (who also haunts his former residence), Lionel Barrymore (who also haunts his former residence), Orson Wells (who also haunts another restaurant in West Hollywood), Carole Lombard (who also haunts the Hotel Roosevelt), and Jean Harlow (who also busily haunts three of her former homes in Beverly Hills) have all been seen at various locations inside this famous upscale eatery.”


Visit Musso & Frank at: 6667 Hollywood Blvd.


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