Week 12: LiveFit Review

So the Live Fit program is coming to an end and I have some mixed feelings about all of it. In general, I loved it. I thought it was a very well planned out program and  can get you some serious results, just as long as you follow the fitness routine AND the diet 100%.

For the first 8 weeks, we were pretty spot on. The daily food routine consisted of:


egg whites


sprouted bread

Mini Meal:

pumpkin protein muffins


salad or veggies

baked tofu

rice cakes

Mini Meal:

ThinkThin bar


sweet potato



Post Workout:

Protein Shake




Smart Blend


I didn’t stray and maintained the clean eating lifestyle pretty well.

Then family visited.

I tried to keep up by eating super well throughout the day and then when we would go to dinner and I would partake in the enjoyments.

Now the guilt has set in.


Once I slipped up, I felt awful. Then the whole, “screw that” mentality started in. I started getting really angry, upset and I was getting stretched thin between the gym (there were days that I would be there for 2.5 hours due to the exercises and waiting for machines to open up), work, and relationships.  I wasn’t sure if it was the diet or the gym or both, but I was becoming this rage-like induced person. I did not want to do what I did not feel like doing and the thought of having another egg white breakfast made me want to punch someone in the face.



For me diversity is the spice of life, that is why I liked Weight Watchers so much. You could eat really anything you wanted, but of course in moderation and in accordance to other things that you have eaten that day or week.  So with being on a such a restrained diet, and being a vegetarian it was very limiting I felt.  It is hard to have a social life and go out to dinner and “oh, I will just have some water and if you could bring me  some lettuce and broth, that would be fantastic.” I know I live in LA, but I would fail miserably at being an LA diet girl (don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this is Hollywood-like diet).


 queen of LA thinspiration 

Honestly, if you want to shed fat and uncover the muscle hiding underneath, you need to restrict calories and choosing one diet over another really determines on the person. Every body is different, and what works for one is not going to work for others. We just need to choose one that allows you to go through your days without feeling overly hungry and most importantly, choose one that you can stick with for the long haul.

So there is my two cents. Only have one more day of weight training and then cardio and I am all finished with the 12 weeks! I will let you know the numbers when it’s over!


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