Week 11: LiveFit

“One more week, one more week…” it is pretty much the one thing that keeps going through my head right now. Jamie Eason, you are a genius, an inspiration, and a crazy woman! But I love it.

For  Jamie, Week 11 is “where things become really interesting, training-wise. ‘Interesting’ means fun, inspiring and, yes, a little taxing. But you can do it!”



Starting this week you’re doing a set of high repetitions for legs, and then you move directly into other exercises with similarly high reps. You do 150 reps in the first day, in the first GIANT set..then you have to go on and do it 3 more times. So a lot of reps are going on around here. Then after that, you have about 30-40 minutes of cardio. Thank God! I missed just doing normal runs and not having to sprint, although the sprinting was actually really fun after the first two or three times doing it.

As a result, the weights you use should be pretty light. You won’t be able to go heavy with this style of training. But your muscles will be taxed because of the time under tension. I just have to remember why I started this in the first place (to get toned, to gain confidence, to not have mom arms when I wave hello!) and then it helps get my butt off the couch and into the gym..even if it is a giant sausage fest that can be no bueno. I got this!


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