It’s cheaper than a movie, and there’s free coffee.

Nothing like a night in Hollywood to make you feel like you’re in a Hole music video.

So Thursday night was the worlds greatest holiday and I decided to spend it down in Hollyweird with Sid and Nancy, Frankenhound and a Best Boy in show blacks.

Now I am normally not one to judge other females in how they look, and the Spice Girls taught me all about female empowerment, but WHAT THE HELL ladies of LA?! I have never seen so many ass cheeks, back boobs, and front boobs in such a short amount of time in my life! Walking around in a thong with zombie girl make up on is NOT a costume. And dudes!? Why in the world would you let your lady friend wear that?!
In the span of one block, I saw a girl with a thong onsie on and nothing else, two mermaids, aka, Ariel of the Red Light district, sexy nerds(?) and the winner of them all, two girls as an angel and a devil. These two girls were both well endowed with their G cups and the angel was in just a white bra and panties and the devil in a red bra and panties. Just giggling along down Hollywood Blvd and then yes, stopping to twerk on a light pole. Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken, and in this case wings are not making you a VS model.

20131102-111757.jpgI tried to capture the glory of them all, but the  caution tape (which I believe knew it’s intentions) blocked the crack shot.  Holy crap on anything your mother ever taught you! Thank goodness one girl tried to redeem the city block with her empress from The NeverEnding Story outfit. Well done classy girl, well done.


The entire night I just kept thinking of Hole lyrics over and over.

When i wake up in my make-up
Have you ever felt so used up as this?
It’s all so sugarless
Oh, just go nameless
Honeysuckel, she’s full of poison
She obliterated everything she kissed
Now she’s fading
Somewhere in Hollywood
Im glad i came here
With your pound of flesh


Hope everyone else had a classy Halloween!



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