Halloween Delight and an Elfman Night

Happy Halloween everyone!!!! If you have not already guessed, Halloween is BY FAR my favorite of holiday, I would even have to say I love it more than my own birthday celebrations!sleepy_hollow_2

To make this holiday season even better, I have been able to do so many amazing things lately to get me in the holiday spirit. Trips to the Museum of Death, voyage to the Queen Mary’s: Dark Harbor, a haunted hayride thru Griffith Park, spooky cupcakes from Sprinkles (food counts!) and the sweetest treat yet: Danny Elfman performing alongside the Hollywood Orchestra for Tim Burton scores. Image

As I mentioned a couple weeks back, Danny Elfman was coming to Los Angeles to take part in a special presentation of the most wonderfully macabre soundtracks in the world.


The idea for the concert performances originated from a new boxed set that celebrated Burton and Elfman’s 25-year partnership, a 2010 project that required the composer to pore over boxes of audio cassettes that for decades had been gathering dust in storage. In doing so, it gave Elfman a better grasp on what selections he might include in an orchestral concert, but he also knew the music would need to be tweaked in strategic ways.


I had no idea what to really expect for the performance, however, anything that I could have envisioned would have been blown out the window. The orchestra started right in with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, showing clips from each movie that it was playing  along with original drawings from Burton to show the storyboard. The talent of these musicians was just astounding.


Then Beetlejuice. My god. The choir began in with the, “daylight come and I wanna go home“, sold.

There was an intermission between the two acts, where we walked around to stretch our legs, grab some drinks, and admire all the Beetlejuice costumes, Sally dolls, and even a Pee Wee and Dottie!

Now for Act 2. Welcome Danny Elfman, the Pumpkin King himself. He came out to sing all of Jack’s songs from the Nightmare Before Christmas and then even had Catherine O’Hara come out and she sang “Sally’s Song”. Elfman’s energy level was that of Mick Jagger with a vocal range that reached down to Ville Valo’s. He nailed every song with such intensity I could not believe he had not been on stage for almost two decades!

How fantastic can this be?! The show was three hours, but it was over before I knew it and I did not want it to end!


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