Live Fit: Phase 3


Well crap. I am so excited and nervous all at the same time. We have already put in two solid months of the Live Fit plan, minus week 7 when my sister was in town and even though we stuck to the exercise regime to a T, the diet was kind of out the window when it came to dinners out. Dang pancakes are good!


The results so far are  not as drastic as I thought, but I am still loving the program. My arms feel stronger and my legs seem much better when I am running. I noticed at the race, I was a lot faster (for me) than in the past.

So for Phase 3, let the fat burning fun begin! Here is what Jamie has to say about this phase: by this stage of the program, you’re no stranger to hitting the weights with intensity, and you have quality muscle to show for your efforts. Now, in Phase 3, the training goal changes from muscle building and fat burning to strictly fat burning, while preserving as much muscle as possible.


You worked hard for that muscle. You want to keep it even while burning blubber. Why not add even more muscle even while burning fat? Simply put, it’s difficult to continue to grow while simultaneously creating the sort of calorie deficit needed to burn fat. We’re not drastically reducing calories. However, to create enough of a deficit, we are increasing the intensity of the workouts by adding high-intensity interval training (HIIT), plyometrics, super-sets and active rests.

I’m excited for this phase to begin! It’s intense, but with the finish line is now in sight!


One thought on “Live Fit: Phase 3

  1. HAHA Phase 3 is intense!! But you are sooo close to the finish! For me, the first two weeks of Phase 3 were the hardest of the entire program. BUT the last two weeks were not too bad.

    You can do it girl!!

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