Rock’n’Roll Halloween Race!


This morning was the Rock’n’Roll Los Angeles Halloween 1/2 Marathon downtown at the Staples Center.  I had never done the Rock’n’Roll series run before, but I was eager to do this run since it is the same presenter for the DC marathon we’re doing in March, and this run allowed you to dress up in your Halloween costume! Game on.


So many people showed up on this drizzly overcast Sunday morning. The race started at 7:30am and it was freezing! Well, at least for me.  I had made “bloody” wrist bandages for my “suicidal ballerina” outift and the food coloring was bleeding everywhere so I couldn’t put my hoodie back on for fear of it getting stained. Boo.

Most people were dressed up, a lot of bumble-bees and superheros were seen. Surprise, surprise. However, a lot of people were not in any kind of costume. LAME! You guys this is a Halloween race in LA! It is your chance to come out like a freak and just have fun! Not put on your normal gym clothes and trot along! Thankfully there were some highlights in the costume department. One dude was in a complete squirrel get up with a tree branch that he was holding onto and an acorn attached to it. Pretty rad. another guy was dressed up as Forrest Gump running across America with a full beard and carrying a boombox playing the music from the Forrest Gump soundtrack. Awesome.


The food coloring bled all through the skirt, just turning it a strange shade of pinky-red.


The start of the race you’re put into a corral based on your estimated time.  It was so tight in there, I felt like cattle, but that also made me more anxious to  get started an run, so I suppose that was a good thing! The race was simple and around downtown. At every mile they had a band playing and water stations.  Yes please.


There was so much fun stuff that was given out at the end of the race!

  • pumpkin granola
  • medal
  • running t-shirt
  • jamba juice smoothie
  • tangerine
  • powerbar
  • gatorade bottle
  • water bottle
  • chocolate milk
  • bagels
  • shortbread cookies
  • pain cream
  • tons and tons of coupons
  • beer
  • bottle opener
  • backpack
  • car decals

I can not wait to do the full marathon in the spring! This was definitely an amazing event that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the ASPCA and was so much fun to be a participant!


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