Welcome Witches!

Only 26 more days till the best holiday ever!



Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Ever since I was little, I loved the weather, the movies, the costumes, and of course every little kids favorite: candy. Now this isn’t about candy, because then I would just get hungry and I would try to ransack the kitchen and be disappointed by the rice cakes and unsweetened almond milk…so, this is about a new design detail that I just learned about.

The “Witch Window”.



In the states, a witch window (also known as a Vermont window, a coffin window, or a sideways window) is a window  that is on the end of a house on the gable part. It is at an angle so that the long end is parallel to the slope of the roof.  This technique lets builder place a full sized window in that narrow space, but I like the idea also behind.

The name “witch window” appears to come from a superstition that witches cannot fly their broomsticks through the now slanted window (why they can’t fly on their side, I don’t know). Another name given to it was the “coffin window”. Not sure if it is unclear if they really were used for removing a coffin from the second floor (avoiding a narrow staircase), or if  it just looked like a coffin.



Witch windows are found almost exclusively in the northeast (another reason I want to move there!)  and mainly in farmhouses from the 19th century.

Let’s all move to Vermont!


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