Week 5: LiveFit


Seventy-five push-ups. One hundred and eighty crunches. Yeah, I am sore.

Week 5 on the LiveFit program has definitely stepped up it’s game. I have been sore everyday so far, in a good way, and really pushing out the reps at the gym. It’s timed to get yolk’d yo! No, not really, I haven’t been Snookified yet or anything, but it is turning into almost a game of seeing how far I can push myself to get things knocked out.

Even if I am not able to do an entire set in a row, I still will stay there until I can finish every last push-up or calf press.  If you are going now, do you guys go with someone? or are you doing it by yourself? I think it really helps to go with someone, even though I get this pissed off feeling a lot and want to punch someone in the face, it totally helps to have someone there, telling me “you can do it” and that “you are doing awesome!” (even if they are lying.)

One thing that I will mention that I find odd is the “Donkey Calf Raises”.

ImageUmm… yeah, I don’t want to be up in the gym with Munster on my back as the tatted up dudes next to me look at us like  we are rejected Vivid Entertainment prospects. I opted not to do these, but do the calf machine instead.



Does anyone else do these raises? I mean I guess if they are good enough for Arnold..they should be good enough for me.



One thought on “Week 5: LiveFit

  1. HAHAHA I literally laughed when I first saw the donkey calf raises.. UM no I don’t do those. I just hold weights in my hand and do the calf raises. But I know some people who do them at the gym, but No thanks! ha I just started phase 3.. OMG literally the whole time I kept mumbling “this sucks” HA def steps it waaayy up!

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