A Night with Walter White

Bryan Cranston.

Aaron Paul.

Free Meth.

Once in a lifetime event.


Last night was the series finale of Breaking Bad..a show I might have mentioned once or twice on here and for the finale, the  creators did not disappoint. The audience applauded. Cheered. Cried. Held their breathes while the final showdown took place.


Vince Gilligan, the shows creator, was joined by Aaron Paul (the brainchild behind the Cinespia event to help his gorgeous wife’s campaign KIND), Bryan Cranston(Walt), RJ Mitte(Walt Jr.), Bob Odenkirk(Sal), Dean Norris(Hank), Giancarlo Esposito(Gus), Jonathan Banks (Mike), and about two dozen other cast members.


We arrived 3 hours before the gates opened, and there was already a line wrapped around the front.  Waiting wasn’t painful though, thanks to the creative people of LA, there was a candy company called Sugarfina that was passing out free “meth” to the crowd as we waited. These guys were hardcore! Dressed in the complete hazmat suit and a Los Pollos Hermanos bucket to hold the blue crystals, these guys went all out!


There was also Sinfully Sweet Creations there, passing out caramel apples with Sal Goodmans mug on it and blue chocolate covered pretzels…91% pure. Both were absolutely delicious!



After the  addicts were searched, scanned, and released into the cemetery, we were greeted by a giant blue-skyed back drop with, yup, Big Bertha herself. The RV was proudly propped in front, complete with professional lights and boulders so that the audience could take their photo inside the RV.


Promptly at 8, Aaron Paul greeted the crowd and thanked the audience for attending. He was so humble and sweet. He introduced his stunning wife Lauren and her partner Molly and they talked about their anti-bullying campaign KIND. What an incredibly generous and amazing couple! They raised 1.8 million last night alone for their campaign! …and they said we were in a recession…

Now for the finale. SPOILER ALERT!


As  Walt set off to finish what he started, he first stopped by his former BFF’s house, Elliot and Gretchen, and easily convinced them, thanks to a a “hit” out on them if they didn’t, to give Walt’s children his money in the form of a trust when they turn 18.

Check that  off the Walt Payback list.  Now that his family’s future is set, he knew it was time to pop in on Skyler and help with closure for both, stating that “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it, and I was alive.” Walt’s first bit  of honesty.


Now for the red-soled-Splenda-obsessed-Chamomile-tea-drinking-with-a-splash-of-soy-beeyotch, Lydia.

Ricin anyone? Yeah bitch! Take that in your Splenda and stir it!


Hitler died in a fiery ditch, and these Nazi’s ain’t gettin any special treatment either.

Walt rigs up a machine gun to be loaded and rotate inside his car’s trunk to take out the Sunshine Kids, and even though Jesse was among them at the time, Walt jumps on top of the J man and saves his life! Inevitably taking the bullet in his side instead.

Now for the creme-de la creme. Meth Damon is no more. Once the Nazi’s were down, Jesse unlocked his handcuffs and chocked that son of a bitch Todd with his chains. The crowd went CRAZY!!! It was awesome.


After all of the drama and time that was invested into this show,  I could not have imagined a more perfect ending…Walt dies among a meth lab and Jesse races away smiley crazily for his impending freedom.



Larry was there! AKA Old Joe from the junk yard where, yeah BITCH MAGNETS! happened


This chick had everyone there taking pictures with her. People amaze me with their creativity!


Playing, Where’s Heisenberg was fun too! More bald caps than in Coneheads!


Welcome to Hollywood.


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