Clam Diggers, Pot, and a Failed Marriage Proposal


Every Saturday our neighborhood has a gorgeous little farmers market. Since we were going to see Vampire Weekend that night, we wanted to stock up on some local produce to help pack a delightful and Jamie Eason approved vegetarian picnic.  Now normally I would stock up on some cheese (stinkier the better) and crackers, a bottle of wine (I always drink red, cause I think it’s “healthier”), homemade cowboy cookies, trail mix, and maybe some lemonade. Oh and baby carrots for safe measure.




However, this time we set out with a mission to fill up on protein and veggies.


ch’en is also in need of a diet, so he’s been on high protein lo-cal as well!


This time our dinner was roasted carrots, diced up Beyond Meat Chickenthis is such an amazing product!, curry, raisins, slivered almonds, cookies and cream ThinkThin bars for dessert, along with cut strawberries and chocolate dip.  The chocolate dip was just:

1 container fat free Greek yogurt

1-2 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

1-2 tbsp. sweetener (xylitol preferred)

this was so yummy, now remember though, it’s greek yogurt, and there is always going to be that yogurt taste so just expect it!


Vampire Weekend was at the Hollywood Bowl..down in, well Hollywood. The opening act was Beirut, a brilliant and incredible band. I have had Postcards from Italy on my iPod for a few years now, and listen to them at the store, but dang! this band is so talented and it is so surprising that this is a 27 year old from Santa Fe! Such an old soul sound.



We saw Vampire Weekend a couple of months ago up in San Francisco and then we watched the AMEX concert and iTunes festival, so we have the routine down. They have the same setlist every time:

  • Cousins
  •   White Sky
  •  Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
  •  Diane Young
  • Unbelievers
  • Holiday
  • Step
  • Horchata
  • Everlasting Arms
  • Finger Back
  • California English
  • A-Punk
  • Ya Hey
  • Campus
  • Oxford Comma
  •  Giving Up the Gun
  • Obvious Bicycle
  • Encore:
  • Hannah Hunt
  • Walcott

This venue was fantastic for acoustics. I loved that you’re able to bring a basket of goodies and there was so much pot in the air, I am sure the entire audience was running to Taco Bell after the show.  There was even a marriage proposal at the beginning! I am pretty sure that it was staged, but it was pretty humorous nonetheless.  Ezra was rockin’ some kind of clam digger jumpsuit thing with white sperry-esq shoes, Chris had his mad dance moves all night, other Chris was a part of the marriage proposal, and Rostam was comfy in his oversized blue hoodie.  Nothing like gathering 17,000 hipster kids in one place to see and enjoy the full range of flannel and boat shoes. Heaven.



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