She Said “Yes”!


 She said “yes”!

Over the weekend, I had the great honor of being a part of a gorgeous union of two gorgeous souls.


 The wedding took place out in Indiana, tucked in-between farms of corn and soybeans. Seventy degrees, sunny, and a perfect day to get married! The ceremony was simply beautiful. All of the bridesmaids had on the same style of dress, just in an ombre color tone when they stood in line. The groomsmen were all dashing in their suspenders and chucks.


 Our dear friend sang “All I Want is You” as the bride walked down the aisle.  The couple’s son, Cooper, was in the wedding too, meeting and greeting all of the supporters as they arrived! It was so precious!


After announcing the newlyweds, everyone gathered into the barn that was dressed up with a full buffet, s’mores bar (how awesome is that?!)lemonade stand, and jars and jars of homemade cookies in every flavor!

The wedding was positively magnificent!


Ok, so I have to go back to the s’mores bar:

this was the best thing ever! So simple, so delicious, and so much fun for kids AND adults! I loved it! Even if you’re not having a wedding, this could make such a fantastic  impression at a party or event. Just  have a sampling of several different kinds of marshmallows, various bars of chocolate..almond, dark, milk, hell…Reese’s Cups even, some skewers, graham crackers (or get super crazy and use cookies instead of graham crackers!), and portable “fire” and voila! Instant awesomeness.



How drool worthy is this from Cooking Classy?


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