Mama Hook: Meeting Mrs. Osbourne

This week has been quite the whirlwind, starting week 3 of the LiveFit program, cutting off the top of my finger, having to go in for my first root canal, and then to make everything better though, (honestly) I got to meet the lovely and amazing Sharon Osbourne.

I grew up watching The Osbournes on MTV. I loved the whole family, thinking Kelly was the coolest girl ever, Sharon was a genius business woman, Ozzy was a big sweetie, Jack was awesome and quirky, and the whole family together was fantastic in their love-hate relationships. Sharon was always so strong and there for the kids and Ozzy. Sharon seemed like the most head strong, won’t take any bullshit from anybody kinda gal. I loved it!

If you don’t mess with her and her family, she won’t mess with you, however, if you cross her, you’re getting a nice, big, rotted ham thrown at your head!
This family has been the only real family that has aired on TV. Before the pimp of a mother Kardashian woman and the “Real” Housewives of Whocares.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that this family is not without faults, but every blemish they had they didn’t hide, and I respect that.

So after doing everything else, Sharon decided that she was going to write a book. A children’s book at that!

It is so cute! It’s based on Mrs. Hook’s perspective of raising Captain Hook. How much fun is that?! Sharon was so gracious, funny, and felt absolutely sincere meeting and talking with all of her fans that came out to support her new book. My perception of her remains intact! So thank you Sharon for being you!



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