Traveling on LiveFit

Traveling while being on a “diet” is never fun. There are the countless arrays of warm, sweet sticky- bun goodies peeking at you through the pristine glass cases at the airport lobby, the local delicacies of sweet fried dough with fall enhanced flavors that you can only have from the local town,and then the worst, “I’m on vacation” mentality that always seems to emerge from the dark shadows of your mind, almost forcing you to walk up to that counter and gladly order the egg and extra cheese croissant with caramel macchiato for company. Why is it so hard to break that mental cycle?

For this trip, I decided to come prepared. I packed up several various flavors of the ThinkThin bars, got in a workout before the flight so that I would start the day off right and put myself in the mindset of “you got this” and packed up my shaker bottle and several Raw Meal protein shakes, in case those demons started coming to light.

So far so good, however, I haven’t passed a Dunkin Donuts yet.

My adventures this weekend are taking me back east for a friends wedding. I am so excited to get out of LA for a bit and just be able to “breathe”. Plus, it is starting to be more fall like back home, so I’m ready for the hoodie weather.



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