Brains will Break

As I mentioned before a few posts ago, Breaking Bad stars will be under the stars, with us! The normal folk of the land!  Aaron Paul and his gorgeous wife organized this screening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which sold out about one minute after tickets went on sale Wednesday!


what a perfect couple! via

Cinespia apparently sold the 2,500 tickets in just a few seconds, and the tickets are non-transferable, but that didn’t prevent 36 people from bidding on a pair listed on eBay that were going for over $1,000!! Tickets sold for $45 each, with buyers not being able to purchase more than two in order to prevent scalping. Whoops! Gotta love the  jerk face people that mess it up for the rest of us!


Again, ALL proceeds, not just a percentage will benefit the Kind Campaign, an organization started by Aaron Paul’s wife, Lauren Parsekian.


Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul  have both launched Omaze contests, and Paul’s links to the grand finale event. Pinkman will chauffeur the lucky winner and a guest from LAX to the screening, and according to a release, they can call him a bitch all they like, but act fast, the contest endsSeptember 24, and entry costs start at $10.


Now your big mulah is going to the good cause of the snit-bullying campaign here too. Geez…who new a brilliant chemistry-teaching, meth-producing, drug lord and his side monkey could have such humanitarian instincts!

I just hope that they roll up in the beat up RV (yeah i know it was demolished..) and Jesse calls out,  ” This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed…bitch!”   Swoon.

Check out these awesome photos from the Breaking Bad Final Season Premiere! The whole crew looks fantastic! Skylar’s been hittin’ the gym and is looking amazing!


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