LiveFit: Clean Eating Week 1

The momentum is still high, we’ve made it through the first few days and I always believe that if you can make it past three days then your mind should be good. It’s that whole gettin’ in the swing of things deal.

The eating part is the trickiest part, just getting on a schedule and eating certain things at a certain time is my downfall. I am not a person that likes to be told what to do (but I love asking everyone’s opinion!).

Here is the breakdown of what meals look like:


5 egg whites
-1 serving, I just eat the Ezekiel Bread, I love it!!


turkey or chicken muffins
-2, since I am a vegetarian I opt for
4 homemade protein bars or a small meal option


lean meat (chicken breast, white meat turkey; white fish like tilapia and orange roughy)
again, I go with the tempeh, or Gardien, or tofu
6 oz
1 serving
salad and vegetables



turkey or chicken muffins-2
Other Options:
4 homemade protein bars
Small meal option




lean meat (chicken breast, white meat turkey; white fish like tilapia and orange roughy)
6 oz (8 oz for fish)
starch-1 serving
salad and vegetables


I like to drink some kind of detox water or tea throughout the day to help me not feel so much like Lumpy Space Princess.


egg whites

Note: No carbs (starch) after 7:00 PM (or about 3 hours before bedtime).

Limit fruit to twice daily: berries first thing in the morning and then a full citrus serving or banana after a workout with your protein shake. Carry a small apple in your gym bag at all times in case an energy slump hits!




As part of a treat, we went to Malibu on our days off and got to see some dolphins and Cher’s house! Life can be pretty fun. Have a wonderful day!!



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