August is for Angst: Lizzie Borden Strikes Again!

August seems to be a hard time for people…well at least for people with mental issues. August 9th, was the infamous Manson murders and on August 4th was the infamous Borden murders.


Borden Street in Fall River, Massachusetts 



Outside the Borden House

On the morning of  August 4th, 1892, Andrew Borden had breakfast with his wife and then made his way to the bank and post office. Afterwards, he returned home for the last time around 10:45 am.






Welcome to the tour!


Bridget Sullivan, the made for the Borden family,  testified that she was in her third-floor room, resting from cleaning windows, when just before 11:10 am she heard Lizzie call out, “Maggie, come quick! Father’s dead! Somebody came in and killed him!” (Apparently, Lizzie would sometime call Bridget “Maggie” the name of a previous maid) 


c. 1845 Andrew J. Borden House


When Bridget hurried downstairs, she found Lizzie standing at the back door. Lizzie stopped her from going into the sitting room, saying, “Don’t go in there. Go and get the doctor. Run.”


Tours 11am-3pm

Bridget went across the street to their neighbor and family physician, Dr. Bowen. He was out, but Bridget told Mrs. Bowen that Mr. Borden had been killed. Bridget ran back to the house, and Lizzie sent her to summon the Borden sisters’ friend.




When Bridget came back,   she found Andrew was slumped on the couch in the downstairs sitting room, with about a dozen whacks to the head. Even one of his eyeballs had been split cleanly in two, which suggested that he had been asleep when attacked. Shortly after this discovery, Bridget then discovered Abby Borden in the upstairs guest bedroom, her skull crushed by 19 blows. 



Police found a hatchet in the basement which, though free of blood, was missing most of its handle. Lizzie was arrested on August 11; a grand jury began hearing evidence on November 7 and indicted on December 2.







Where Andrew was Found










Sitting Parlor






Borden’s Master Bedroom



Where Abby was Found: Guest Room



Emma’s Room



Where the ax was discovered







Andrew’s Grave





Lizzie’s Grave

The house tour was so much fun! The tour guide was extremely knowledgable and answered every question that the group had. Afterwards, she even let me and Susan go about the house taking more photos and reenact the sofa scene!

After the tour of the house, we headed up a few blocks to see where Lizzie lived out the rest of her days with her sister and then where she was buried..right next to her dad. They may not have been close in life, but they will forever be together now!

So if you’re ever in Fall River and want to take a little history detour, check out the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast at : 230 2nd Street, Fall River, MA 02721


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