Mohawk Bend: Deliciousness in Silverlake

Date nights are my favorite nights. We’ve been married for over three years now, but we are going on 9 years of being together, so going out on a “date” is something that has kind of gone by the wayside. However, lately we have been trying to use the word “date” as an excuse to actually get out into the city and try new things.

Surprises, good ones, are another favorite of mine and combining that with food is a glorious thing. Mr. Munster surprised me the other night, by bringing me to a place called Mohawk Bend down in Silverlake.



It is a retrofitted, 100-year old vaudeville theater that now houses this vegan-friendly eatery. Just off of Sunset Blvd, they have outdoor seating year-round, four unique seating areas, with cathedral ceilings, views of the open kitchen and a bar with cute little booths.



With reservations, we walked thru the pub, that is the heart of the establishment, and into the “Ramona Room”. It was named for the original vaudeville theater. It was set in the back with high ceilings, brick walls, greenery everywhere and wonderful art displayed around.


I couldn’t wait to see what fun concoctions  they had to offer. Now, I am not a drinker, but I loved the name for a spirit listed on the menu. VHS. It sounded like something that Absola would create. It was a handcrafted mix of Buddha’s Hand Citron, FruitLab Hibiscus, lime juice, agave, strawberries, and basil. It was absolutely delicious! As for their beers, they get a lot from a local brewery in Glendale, so loved the supporting the locals aspect. Munster had the “It’s Not Always Sunny in LA”, a Black IPA from Golden Road.


Dinner was even better than expected (so many places have so much hype, but disappoint where it counts)

Starters: Buffalo-style Cauliflower vegan “bleu cheese” dressing, celery. I could have eaten my weight in these!


Spicy Green Beans: spicy hoisin, pickled carrot, shallot, crispy onion, cilantro, mint, and peanut. Perfectly spiced.
Bowl of their soup of the day which was tomato. Thick, creamy, every drop finished and the Pièce de résistance, the made from scratch vegan pizza. “Able Farmin’” was loaded with peppers, fennel, vegan mozzarella, and homemade vegan sausage.


I would gladly return to try more of Mohawk’s options, hopefully in the near future! So go and enjoy!  Mohawk Bend is located at 2141 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

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