The Rock

The ” Evil Island” as Native Americans liked to call it, since they believed the land was cursed.  The Spaniards, all the way back in 1775, named it “La Isla de los Alcatraces,” which translates as “The Island of the Pelicans”.   Then the name “Alcatraz” just kinda seemed to stick.

Now, if you have been living under a rock ( no pun intended) Alcatraz Island is located about a mile off the chilly shores of San Francisco Bay. This little gem, often referred to as “The Rock,” got to be home for some of America’s most notorious criminals. Kumbaya was most likely not a song of choice at this facility when criminals like Al “Scarface” Capone and Robert “Birdman” Stroud roamed the halls between 1933 until 1963. In a place that held so many criminal masterminds, it is astonishing that no inmate ever successfully escaped.



Capone’s Mugshot


Stroud’s Mugshot

01 Barnes_George

Kelly’s MugshotIMG_7419

Outside in the yard


Looking for the darkness




An abandoned prison has a better garden than I do


Future home of San Francisco..


Rockin’ the guides


The Golden Gate


More Creeperton






Escape with Spoons


Former Military Walls

A few other infamous residence at this off shore resort also included, George “Machine Gun” Kelly, who spent 17 years there on a kidnapping conviction. Gangster Alvin “Creepy Karpis” Karpowicz, who was actually listed by the FBI as “Public Enemy No. 1” in the 1930s. Mr. Creepy spent over 25 years behind bars at Alcatraz,this is reportedly the longest amount of time that a prisoner spent at the Rock.

Now this lonely island has thousands of people, paying to get in on the action! The tour is self-guided and quite informative. The park has maintained it’s originality. Keeping it nice and creepy, complete with peeling paint, bullet holes from attempted escapes, escape routes dug out in the wall from hoarded spoons. This was by far one of my favorite places I have visited.



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