Feed Me Diamonds

Latest song obsession: Feed Me Diamonds by MNDR.

Amanda Warner, better known as “MNDR” sprung out of NYC in 2009 and I don’t know how I am just now hearing her music! It is just so much fun with it’s electronic beats and random song meanings.
For instance, #1 in Heaven was inspired by Patty Hearst and hard-knock adventures. According to an interview from  Spin, “I was really obsessed with her at the time, I had been reading a lot about her. “#1 in Heaven” is about her and the moment she really lost it. But actually, I don’t think she lost it. I think that, in her mind, she had a moment of altruistic clarity, when she saw the difference between absolutist right and absolutist wrong. I pulled a quote of hers for the chorus: ‘Tell them I’m smiling and send my greetings.’ That’s what she said after she was arrested by the FBI after the bank shooting, in the Sunset district of San Francisco. She came from one of the wealthiest families in America and she threw that away for what she believed in. I don’t think you’d see Paris Hilton do that. It was a passionate time and she was a passionate, iconic figure.”


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