Tanlines: Coppertone Not Included

Normally opening acts don’t have much of an allure. I am usually too busy biting my nails anticipating whoever it is that I am expecting to see instead of this “no name” performer. However, I eat my words when it comes to Tanlines. They were the opening act for Vampire Weekend up in Oakland and after the second song, I was hooked.




Since then, I have listened to their debut album Mixed Emotions several times, and it still has yet to get old. The Wikipedia break down of this duo? Tanlines is an American electronic music and indie rock duo from Brooklyn, New York composed of percussionist Jesse Cohen and guitarist and vocalist Eric Emm. Their influence is drawn from various genres including pop, indie, dance and world music.  They are a great duo that is reminiscent of some futuristic 1980’s  electric pop band. Pure gold.  Plus, Jesse is rockin a Mariah Carey shirt in his Pitchfork photos. What is not to love?

Addiction: Real Life

So if you haven’t heard of them, hear em. You won’t be disappointed. Oh and if you are in the LA area, they are performing a FREE, that’s right, FREE concert at the Pasadena Playhouse on June 1st. It is a Saturday and I believe they go on at 5:45.


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