Pretty Nails Are Happy Nails



There is just something about looking down at a freshly done manicure or pedicure that seems to set your whole day into a happy state of mind. I know that probably sounds shallow, but it is kind of like when you were a kid and you just got new shoes that lit up with each step, you couldn’t help but look down and admire that bright shiny light that emanated from your tiny meat-feet.

Painted nails are like the light-ups for “adults”. So the next time a client is upset because their furniture is taking eight times longer to complete than expected and designs aren’t coming together….look at those sparkly little digits!


California Coral




Meet Me At Sunset ( I am not an orange nail gal, Halloween excluded, but I thought this was so fun for summer!)







Lovie Dovie: a true flamingo pink!



French Affair




Beach Bum




East Hampton Cottage





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