The Sweater Girl

Lana Turner, or as she was better known in Hollywood, “The Sweater Girl” due to the form fitting attire she would have to sport in her on screen appearances.

Born in Idaho, Lana (born Julia Jean Mildred Francis Turner) and her family moved out to sunny San Fran, California in 1929. Soon after, her father was murdered and Lana and her mom moved from San Francisco to LA.


During her time in high school, Turner was discovered and signed to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. She had a few small parts in films, then starred in a movie with Mickey Rooney and that is when the Sweater Girl nickname started.

She wasn’t shy of her love affairs and even married eight times.


Her most notorious love interest was Johnny Stompanato. Turner met Stompanato during the spring of 1957. Turner fell for Stompanato’s charm and good looks, however, soon after their meeting she discovered he was tied to the LA underworld. She didnt want the public to know she was associating with him and so she tried to end the relationship, yet Stompanato was not easily deterred. So over the following year, their love was filled with violent arguments, physical abuse and repeated reconciliations.

One exciting event during all of this was when Stompanato followed Turner to England because he thought she was having an affair with none other than Sean Connery! Turner and Connery were filming Another Time, Another Place there and Stompanato ended up bursting onto set with a gun! Now we all know that Connery wouldn’t stand for any of this malarkey, so he punched Stompanato’s jaw once and took away his gun. (swoon) Stompanato got the boot from the Scottland Yard.


Shortly after this incident, on the evening of April 4, 1958, Turner and Stompanato began a violent argument in Turner’s house at 730 North Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills. Seeing what was going on, Turner’s 14 year old daughter, Cheryl, ran to the kitchen, got a knife and defended her mother. The young girl ended up stabbing Stompanato and killing him. Needless to say, this was a media frenzy. People still claim that Turners dramatic testimony was the acting performance of her life.


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