Romancing the Bean

Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope that there are exciting plans in your futures for this gorgeous weekend! It has been extremely cold in  Los Angeles the past couple of days, it is starting to actually feel like Christmas time could be near. It is quite lovely.

Since work has been consuming my world lately, it is always nice to get a little break from the monotony of daily living. So the other day one of my dear friends took me out to grab some coffee from a little boutique style coffee shop.

Romancing the Bean, over on Magnolia in Burbank, is such a quaint eatery, I could not believe that I had not been there before! Then I realized that this shop has only been open for a few months now.

They have a full espresso bar, with options like soy milk, hemp milk and almond milk for espresso drinks, smoothies with kale and mango mixed in, and a beautiful jar of water with cranberries for all guests.  If I wasn’t doing the whole vegan thing their warm items sounded absolutely impeccable!

Celebrate the end of the week with an Ultimate Grilled Cheese with aged white cheddar, talligio, blue cheese, and mayo atop some warm walnut raisin bread! Pair it with our “Hydrate” juice to get your energy going through the weekend!

This vegan thing might be tempted with items like this! I indulged in a soy latte (on the right) and a small smoothie with the kale and mango (on the left) The prices were nothing to scoff at. These two drinks alone were around 12 bones total.  My friend grabbed the grilled cheese and he said it was heavenly. Also, when we arrived, we spotted another friend already there having lunch, so I knew from the start was going to be good!


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