Adios Hair: Donating Some DNA

So recently I decided that it was time for me to get a haircut and to say goodbye to the blond surfer girl hair that I had for the past couple of years and have a little bit of a change and cut it all off!


I pestered everybody that I knew for a while to see what everyone’s opinion was and a needed to just woman up and do it.

In the process I was able to find an amazing organization that is based out of London called “the little princess” and they accepted hair donations from everywhere, including highlighted and bleached hair, which was my situation. They make wigs for kids that are going through cancer and they donate all the wigs for free, which is just amazing.

So I headed down to The Establishment over in Silverlake and met up with Monica who is amazing amazing amazing hairstylist- designer -guru -you need it she can do it!



I didn’t want to do anything in phases so we pulled the ponytail back, cut, and started in on the Kate Lanphear inspired hairdo.



I absolutely love it! It is, of course, a little bit of a shock, but it couldnt have turned out better!


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