Fine Italian Cookin’: Vegan Calzones

Tired of pizza and what seems to be the go-to dinner plan, now that it is starting to get dark at 5 o’clock! I have not been too motivated to cook anything when I get home…so it has been a lot of salads and vegetables and maybe some apples for dessert.


Since there is a ginarmous Whole Foods right across the street from work, I hit it up before heading home and grabbed just some premade dough, tomatoe sauce, a few mushrooms , tofu and  green olives.


With my many year of experience working in the fine Italian foods world, I figured I would whip out a few vegan calzones for a little bit of a change.

First, I rolled out the dough onto a floured cutting board and set it aside.

Next, I diced up my tofu( I had pressed and drained it of water for a few hours before starting this process) I mixed the tofu with some vegan worchester sauce for some nice flavoring)


Then I diced up all of my tasting veggies and laid them over a thin layer of tomatoe sauce.


These were perfect! We both loved these so much, we couldn’t stop eating them, and these things were HUGE!


Afterwards, I folded up the calzones and brushed the top with a little bit of olive oil.

Bake the calzones for about 30-35 minutes at 375*



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