Vegan Red Velvet: Sprinkles Cupcakes

Sprinkles, oh Sprinkles, how I love you Sprinkles.

About two years ago, the mother ship of cupakeries launched their vegan red velvet cake. Not only did they create a wonderful treat for people trying to avoid eggs and dairy, but they offer this item everyday- all day! No special ordering, no waiting till Wednesdays. None of that malarkey!


Yesterday was a strange day in LA and even though I was trying to be so good without sugar, I broke down and headed to Beverly Hills for a treat.


Their red velvet cupcakes are amazing, all of their cupcakes are amazing! The frosting of the vegan ones are made up of organic soymilk, tofu based cream cheese and organic coconut oil. Heaven.

Afterwards, picking up supplies for work, I was so blessed to come across WAY outdated and quite scary Spice Girl doll! Poor Sporty Spice…never saw it comin’



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