Magic Mascara

Oh mirror mirror on the wall… Who has cruelty-free mascara at the mall?!…

I’ve been holding out on mascara purchases for an entire YEAR now because I didn’t want to spend a tank of gas on some fancy Sephora brand and I didn’t want to use Cover Girl or Maybelline again, so I’ve been doing the ol’ trick of adding saline solution to my old tube to get it to last longer without drying out (this really works!)


Originally I was looking for Mineralash™ by Larénim. This mascara uses mineral and rice bran waxes as alternatives to grease and tar. It helps lashes with biotin (a protein that is great for hair, skin, and nails), and conditions with panthenol and Vitamin E (tocopherol). I was told it was at Target, but I could not find it. *sigh*

I did, however, realize that Boots brand at Target doesn’t test on animals, all people tested and people approved! (Really people, just don’t stick the freakin mascara in your eye! It’s not that hard, animals don’t need to be tested to figure this crap out!)


This mascara works great! It was only $6.99, it is a small brush and goes on easily. It does need an eyelash curler to help. This isn’t a vegan mascara, it does have beeswax in it and unfortunately there are paraffins in it… Ugh! It is nice and does have several plant based ingredients inside, so it’s a little better than several other mascaras on the drugstore shelf.


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