Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that your weekends were wonderfully delicious! It has been just about a week now of helping my body out with this whole detox thing, and it has been fantastic! I’ve done the vegan thing before, but it always ended up being more of a junk food vegan. Finding things like holiday Oreos and vegan versions of Snicker bars.


To help with learning to appreciate things more, I recieved an awesome little picture in the mail from one of my dearest friends! It’s the little things I think that make me the happiest!


Mister Munster and I have been eating a crap ton of veggies, beans, and whole wheat pita bread, so last night I needed to make something a little more interesting. I went with my Easy Peasy Apple Pie. I used both Fuji (my favorite) and Granny smith this time. A little bit of soymilk, cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, mix those all together and top with a nice vegan crumble (flour, Earth Balance, cinnamon, turbinado). Oh this was so good! And then there is no guilt! Well, not THAT much guilt anyway.


Tonight is going to be a simple dish or orzo and sauteed green beans. If anyone has any favorite dishes that you think I should try it, please let me know! Have a wonderful day! And don’t forget to stop and smell the roses…or the ivy in Ch’en’s case…



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