Day 3

So it has been just a few days, and my body is certainly thanking me! I am still fighting off whatever flu/cold thing is lurking inside, but with all of these high powered Antioxidants combating all the zombies inside, it has definitely been helping.

My helpers today? a breakfast of organic oats and flax seeds, lunch was out at Lotus Vegan, they have a new location and its so nice! The Thai Yellow Curry came with the option of soy chicken, beef, fish, and seitan. It took me about two hours to finish the lunch portion meal, but it was delicious! I grabbed a vegan cookie from Lotusthat was made by No Udder. They were crazy expensive!! I am so use to whipping out a couple dozen cookies like it was nothing, so shelling out four bones for one cookie made me cringe. Luckily, these cookies were scrumptious! Unbleached flour, raw sugar, tofu and baby chocolate chips, just what I wanted after dinner of home-cooked chili.

I have been feeling better mentally, just getting back on track in the eating department. Hopefully I can just keep up with the excitement of it all again.


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