Running as Honey Boo Boo: Spooktacular Style

In the infamous words of Alana Thompson, “Dolla make me HOLLA! Honey Boo Boo Child…”

Those were all the motivational words I needed to help with creating my Honey Boo Boo costume for the Inaugural Spooktacular 10k run down at Lake Murray!


Yesterday down in San Diego, there was a most exciting costume race for all level of runners. I am not a huge fan of racing, but after seeing the course and the fact that it was all Halloweeny, I became very eager to participate.


Fredo and I joined the 800 people who raced around the lake in the early morning. This event was so well-organized, especially for being the inaugural one! There were Starbucks Coffee stands, muffins, cookies, fruit, face painting, and of course a costume competition!

I can’t wait to do it again next year!


The Spooktacular start and finish line!


Hoping my own version of “Go Go Juice” would get me through this!


Lake Murray at 6am! It was 47* when we arrived and this costume was not helping keep me warm, this race needed to start ASAP!


Gandolf was awesome! I loved seeing all the creative people in their costumes, and all you people who didn’t dress up, YOU SUCK! It was a costume race! Come on!


The warm-up part of the race was doing the “Thriller” dance.


My sweet medal for completing the course!


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