Fatties on Sunset: The Griddle Cafe

I love pumpkins. I love fall. I love food and I love combining all of those.

Recently, my friend let me in on a little secret. There’s a super hipster joint down in Hollywood on Sunset that’s always packed with consumers when she drives by it…what is the big deal? It’s small, next to a bank (and The Laugh Factory), and I haven’t heard about LiLo going here..so why bother?Oh man..this place is a fat kids dream!


The Griddle Cafe has all kinds of breakfast delights, but the highlight is their hubcap sized pancakes that they serve in stacks! Rang from red velvet, apple, Oreo delight, and peanut butter, to even things like cheesecake and Almond Joy’s!


I came prepared to eat the pumpkin pancakes married with a nice cup of French pressed coffee.


We sat here for about an hour and barely got thru one pancake! I wanted to just jump on top of the fluffy stack of fall deliciousness, turn up an edge and wrap myself into a peaceful slumber.


The French toast was also amazing, and mister Munster was able to finish it in one sitting. Oh did I mention there was a pound of whip cream with pumpkin pie filling on that bad boy too?! No need for butter or syrup here! So what are you waiting for??? Get yourself some pancakes!
I am definitely going back as soon as I’m able to get thru this round!


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