DIY: Halloween Cards

The other day while walking through Target I came across these really cute cards.


Really wanting to buy them, but I was not certain I was wanting to spend five dollars a pop and buy each card … so in the spirit of crafting I decided to go home and re-create these cards myself going from five dollars per card to about $.25 card!

Plus it’s just cooler to make em personal –


Since I live about a bagillion miles away from my closest friends and family, I felt the inner message was perfect!


To add a little bit of pirate-y love, I burned some papers to add as little notes to personalize each one inside with a few little words.


So if you’d like to make some “bone-jour” cards, it’s super easy!

1) print out a few skull and crossbones that you like from google images. Remember these cards are for personal use! Don’t sell em if you don’t own the images.

2) create a few ribbons by drawing out some that for under the skull.

3) write “bone jour” on each

4) cut out image and ribbon

5) cut out card stock to the size that you’d like your cards to be

6) take a glue stick to adhere the images to card that

7) add some glitter or fun pumpkin stickers and you’ve got a no-brainer and fun card for All Hallows’ Eve!



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