DIY: Halloween Wreath

It is time for decking the hall and beautifying the entries! It is time for making Halloween wreathes!

Halloween Wreath

After looking at several different Halloween wreathes, I fell in love with Living Locurto’s Felt Flower Halloween Wreath. Amy did such a great job at making such a simple and elegant little wreath, I knew I had to try and create this myself.

All supplies were found at Michael’s:

15 pieces of orange felt

1 grapevine wreath

glue gun and glue sticks

decorative ribbon

(I made the “boo” sign with scrap paper)

Step 1: Cut out 6 circles from each piece of felt

Step 2: cut the circles into spirals, working from the outer edge in.

Your circle should now look like this.  Leave a little circle in the middle to secure the flower to.

Step 4:  Start to spiral your “flower”.  I used a pen top to help hold the felt in place while I worked from the outer part in. And yes, that is Squidward on the telly.

Step 5: Dab a little bit of hot glue on the end where the circle is to hold the flower in place.

Step 6: Start gluing down those flowers!

I set my wreath down for two seconds and Rotisserie Chicken Jazz Hands instantly jumped into it and made herself a little nest! I didn’t have the heart to move her…so I just continued to glue the flowers on around her.

Step 7:  Add some decorative ribbon, a spooky little sign ( I used some of the twigs from the wreath to hold the sign in place) and a loop at the back so that you can hang the wreath, and voila! You Halloween wreath is complete!

I hope you guys enjoyed it, it was so much fun to make!



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