You’re the Ruler of the Galaxy! Show a Little Taste!: Ed Wood’s Glamorous Life

When it is this time of year, I always want to watch some Ed Wood and Sleepy Hollow. So my random thoughts have led me to the curious case of Mr. Edward Davis Wood, Jr., one of America’s most um…interesting directors.


Mr. Wood had a very interesting life. He was in the military for a bit, but was discharged. After this he decided to join the carnival. Since he had several missing teeth and a newly disfigured leg he seemed to fit right in. With his flattering features and his strange fetishes, he highlighted the freak show. One of his characters was the bearded lady, this sparked his desire to wear women’s clothing and he even created his own prosthetic breasts for the show.


Wood created several films in his career, but never truly accomplished the fame he so desired. In 1978, Wood’s depression became severe and so did his drinking. He was evicted from his Hollywood apartment on Yucca Street, and so he and his wife moved into a North Hollywood apartment located at 5636 Laurel Canyon Blvd. On December 10th, only days after the move, Wood died of a heart attack while watching a football game alone in the bedroom. Apparently he had downed several shots of vodka and was frail and not feeling well the days leading up to this.

Wood was cremated and his ashes were scattered at sea.

After his death, he was awarded a Golden Turkey Award as “Worst Director of All Time”. Thanks to his lack of talent, he now holds a huge cult following.

You can still check out his apartment today, it is a private residence, so be considerate!

Happy October!!


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